I grew up in a village in Rheinland, Germany.


My childhood and youth was influenced by playing in the forest, tinkering with bicycles and mopeds, and athletics - with my Dad as my trainer.


After finishing school and my apprenticeship, I went to California for one year. I worked as an au-pair, enjoyed life in the sun, took up martial arts and fitness training, and learnt to live independently.


Upon my return to Germany, I completed another apprenticeship (Wholesale and International Trade Specialist) and University. Then I got a full-time job where I worked in Purchasing, Sales, and Marketing. Fitness and running were an important balance.


Up until I was 42, I worked in Sales and Marketing, advising radiographers. Eventually I couldn’t withstand the demands that I put on myself, so in 2012 I decided to make a fresh start.


When deciding to start something new, there was one thing I was sure about: I wanted to help people and share with them my passion for exercise and nutrition. This notion led to me studying and qualifying in Sport and Health at a private academy.


I have been self-employed as a Personal Trainer in and around Heidelberg since 2014 and I haven’t regretted a single day.


I give my clients an important basis for a healthy life. That´s my passion. I enjoy sharing my own experiences and am glad when my clients benefit from that.



In my free-time, I prefer to be outdoors in the fresh air and I love nature. My main hobby is travelling, mainly active holidays, such as hiking, snowboarding, or surfing.


Foreign countries and cultures continue to awaken my curiosity.  During my travels, I not only recharge my battery, but also gather inspiration for my nutrition and lifestyle.


My goal is to age healthily. The main basis for this is a positive attitude to life, healthy eating, and a lot of exercise.



My daily routine is therefore varied and a good mixture. Idealism is an integral part of my life, and sometimes a bit of rebellion is also needed ;)