No, there is not one single diet that is right for everyone.


However, there are a couple of simple tricks how you can do something good for your body without much effort.


I’ve tried all sorts of diets – from diet drinks (such as Almased) to Weight Watchers, but I don’t think much of diets. Healthy eating is the solution for me, so the body feels good and remains energized.


I’m a nutrition coach and for a long time, I have mainly been eating food that is not industrially processed. Nature offers so many healthy foodstuffs – why should I eat processed foods?


If there is no other option, I select foodstuffs that contain the least additives. As a rule, I most certainly avoid “E-numbers”, preservatives, and sugars. I only eat sugar in the form of fruit.


Of course, there are days in my diary when I’m invited to a birthday celebration. Then I enjoy a piece of cake but opt for cake with fruit rather than cream-cake. Or I’m invited to a barbeque – there I fill my plate with lentil salad instead of potato salad with mayonnaise. I think you get the picture ...



I want to emphasize that I’m not a nutrition apostle. 


In my career as a personal trainer, I exchange views and ideas on nutrition with my clients. Pragmatic tips and reports from my own practical experiences in the kitchen are as much a part of this information exchange as everyday recipes are.



Healthy cuisine can be so simple and fast!